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Harold Norse of Course...



"Anyone who has read Memoirs of a Bastard Angel is aware that Harold Norse was a very perceptive individual. Intuitive. Sensitive to atmospheres and moods. That remarkable (and incredibly fast-paced) autobiography is rife with instances displaying his keen sense of 'just knowing' what someone, or some place or scene, was really all about. Yet Harold's finely-tuned instinct for seeing things as they were was far from limited to the present. As I discovered for myself in late 1984, six years after he and I had first met and spent time together, in Amsterdam and afterwards Barcelona. This second encounter was at the seventh annual One World Poetry festival, for which I had sponsored Harold and where we both performed. I then offered to put Harold up, so he could stay in Holland a while longer and additionally do a reading at Ins & Outs Press."

-Eddie Woods from his intro to Harold Norse Of Course...


Harold Norse Of Course...was originally released on cassette tape in 1984 by Ins & Outs Press. Eddie Woods and Tate Swindell are now releasing it on CD and Double Vinyl.

*The first 100 vinyl orders will receive a hand-typed Eddie Woods introduction on rice paper