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This tribute album is both a Vinyl and CD production. The Vinyl is a limited edition of 250 with a gatefold design, 180 gram, colored double-vinyl. The CD is a double-disc with bonus material not included on the vinyl. All vinyl orders include a download of the digital version. Available for purchase August 10th, 2014.

The first half of the album contains various readings by Micheline transferred from cassette tape mixed in with interview excerpts.
The second half includes poets and friends of Micheline’s reading his work, poems in tribute, or sharing remembrances.

Over three dozen poets were recorded for this album including: Amiri Baraka, Neeli Cherkovski, steve dalachinsky, S.A. Griffin, Q.R. Hand, Bob Holman, Alan Kaufman,  Tsaurah Litzsky, Jessica Loos, Judith Malina, David Meltzer, Eric Mingus, Eve Packer, Yuko Otomo, Anne Waldman, ruth weiss, A.D. Winans and Eddie Woods.

Each version is different (vinyl, CD, download) as they progressively contain more material. The vinyl purchase comes with a download code for the download version also available on Bandcamp.com

Click above to purchase Jack Micheline – Give America A Break (Double Vinyl Record)
$30.00 does not include shipping and tax

Click above to purchase Jack Micheline – Give America A Break CD (2 Discs)
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Jack Micheline was one of a kind. Often described as a Beat poet , he was in fact never part of any literary movement or scene. Jack was a troubadour, with an original mind and a unique poetic voice. He was also a man of the people. In his younger years he would boogie uptown from Greenwich Village to haunt the streets and jazz joints of New York’s Harlem, the pulsating neighborhood he so eloquently portrays in his tragically moving ‘O Harlem.’

“Jack was brought to Amsterdam by Soyo Benn Posset for the 1982 One World Poetry Festival. When it finished, I put him up in the guest quarters at Ins & Outs Press and arranged a reading. To the delight of a spellbound audience, he gave his usual knockout performance.”

-Eddie Woods from his intro to Jack Micheline in Amsterdam

Jack Micheline in Amsterdam was originally released on cassette tape in 1982 by Ins & Outs Press. Eddie Woods and Tate Swindell are now releasing it on Compact Disc.

Click above to purchase Jack Micheline In Amsterdam CD
$10.00 does not include shipping and tax


Also available as a digital download from Bandcamp.com


Tate Swindell in front of City Lights Bookstore

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