Herbert Huncke – Guilty of Everything CD

Hobo, drug addict, merchant marine, street hustler, storyteller, writer. The man whose lifestyle and easy manner of speaking influenced so many eventually famous authors and poets, e.g. Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Not many people can hold an audience’s attention for two solid hours, especially with prose. Herbert did just that. He was 72 at the time. And still on fire. This recording, the only one ever made of a Huncke reading in Europe, has waited 25 years to get released Eddie Woods from his intro to this release.”
-Eddie Woods from his intro to this release
“For Herbert writing was a visceral release. He liked the sensation of putting pen to paper. He wrote in small notebooks, or on paper bags garnered at Greyhound Bus stops en route to a detox hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.


“Herbert’s aim was to produce a ‘living document.’ To describe a scene as it happened, without adding his opinions. ‘It’s harder than you think,’ he told me. He was aided by an excellent memory and a great eye for detail.

“Writing in prison was difficult. He felt restricted by the walls. In the outside world he would wait till everyone else had gone to sleep, and then transcribe the day’s events or compose a sketch from an earlier time.”

-Jerome Poynton from his liner notes to Herbert Huncke – Guilty of Everything.”

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